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Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSS) was founded by Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda in 1917 to disseminate the soul-liberating teachings of Kriya Yoga. Yogoda Satsanga Chennai Retreat is a YSS retreat center -- a soul sanctuary that offers a natural communion with God.   ...
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07:00 am to 08:00 am
06:00 pm to 07:30 pm

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WATCH: “Do We Live One or Many Lives?” by Swami Padmananda Giri

In this talk, SRF sannyasi Swami Padmananda Giri shares wisdom from Paramahansa Yogananda on reincarnation and how to find true fulfilment by identifying with our true nature as a soul — a unique...
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“Making God the Companion of Our Lives” by Swami Pavitrananda Giri

In this talk titled “Making God the Companion of Our Lives,” based on Yoganandaji’s How-to-Live teachings, YSS sannyasi Swami Pavitrananda Giri encourages us to develop such love for God that in...
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YSS Chennai Retreat
Mannur Village, Sriperumbudur Taluk
Sriperumpudur 602105
Dist. Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu How to reach?
75500 12444, 99809 40530, 7305861965

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